May 04, 2008

Sony Black with Red Glow [CTF] Theme for 3.90 firmware

Sony Black with Red Glow PSP themes was made by hurtween. Nearly all RCO's have been customized with red and black renditions of Sony's graphics.

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ctf psp themes

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Sony Black with Red Glow psp theme

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Sony Black with Red Glow themes includes the following :

Custom opening sound
Custom gameboot
Custom click sounds
Custom 01-12.bmp
Custom OSK
Custom sysconf about

All visible trademarks removed (this is not a billboard it is a psp!)

Also a bonus for slim users :

Customized skype rco
Extra custom backgrounds with a full custom 13-27.bmp

This theme was originally made for myself, but I want to share it. Hope you guys enjoy it!


Moonlight and M33- for the amazing custom firmware
Zinga- for the amazing RCOEdit
Z33- for the amazing Resurssiklunssi
Darkstone- for system click sounds
Inacor- for some bg's in the 13-27.bmp
??- gameboot
??- wallpaper

This Theme compatible for 3.90 firmware.

Here is the download Link

5 komentar:

vasu said...

wanna download the themes for psp
please send me a themes so, i can download ip......

rick said...

so how exactly do you install it, i put it in the theme section of my memory stick, but it doesnt come up when i try to select it on my psp. i also noticed that when i compare it to another theme that i have the difference is that its RAR type, and my other currently installed theme is pft. i know i cant complain because its free and your not obligated to help me out, but it would be appretiated, thx dude

Anonymous said...

you neec cxmb plugin for the theme to work

google it

Anonymous said...

these wallpapers rock

Didrik said...

The wallpaper is the only thing that works, not the icons...

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