August 25, 2008

Final Fantasy: Dissidia Gameplay Footage

Final Fantasy: Dissidia Gameplay Footage
Destructoid has been keeping a close eye on the official Dissidia: Final Fantasy Japanese Web site for awhile and have noticed that it has been updated with a new trailer. But instead of a trailer with different cut scenes from Dissidia, the new video shows over two minutes of pure gameplay! This new gameplay footage shows a battle between Onion Knight from Final Fantasy III and Cloud of Darkness. You've gotta love the new pop-up menus that appears during gameplay. Also, when you get near the end of the video you'll see the selection of an actual spell that is used which is the white spell "Holy." You'll also notice that the characters list has been updated too, so you should go ahead and check it out.

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pspfanboy, Watch two minutes of Dissidia gameplay footage and writes;

We're mostly used to seeing an amalgamation of different cut scenes in our Dissidia: Final Fantasy trailers; however, this time we're treated to over two minutes of pure gameplay. The battle you'll be witnessing is between Final Fantasy III light and dark reps, Onion Kid and The Cloud of Darkness.

gemaga, Dissidia: Final Fantasy Gameplay Footage and writes;

I’m not too keen on turning my favorite gaming franchise into a fighting game, but it’s Final Fantasy, so I’ll buy it and I’ll play it. Hell, I might even like it. Judging from this clip, it’s got enough RPG elements in it to keep me entertained.

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