August 29, 2008

LumiTheme PSP for 4.01m33

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LumiTheme created by SchmilK.

SchmilK :

patman showed me this theme in french and it caught my eye but needed a little finishing work...such as...

-new wave
-sub icon folders
-english main icon labels
-smooth horizontal fading motions
-multiple games listed at once on the screen
-instant preview of theme browsing
-modified visualizer
-4.05 visualizers added
-osk rebuilt to include text messages
-osk rebuilt to include english buttons
-opening plugin sound from IphoneOblivion theme
-different colored font for each month
-consolespot ctf downloader added
-01-12 13-28 from someones theme, i forget which one

Thanks to the evilgamerz for making the original theme, and patman for making me the english images. Rebuilding the osk has been killing me for the past 4 days and FINALLY all images are displayed when using it, BUT, it will only work for english language, all other images are dummied out sorry..

Thanks to everyone keeping the themes alive! I hope you enjoy this one.

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