August 21, 2008

Ultimate Mario XMB for 4.01 M33

Ultimate Mario (XMB) Psp theme

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Ultimate Mario XMB for 4.01 M33 created by Mr. Shizzy.

Mr. Shizzy :

OK, I decided to go through and update all my old themes to 4.01 M33.
And this one is a classic. :D

I originally made this for 3.03 OE custom firmware.
It was fun to bring this one back, because sometimes I miss the simplicity of the old style themes. And this theme has a lot of sentimental value to me.

This is worthy of more than just a .ptf, because of the click sounds, volume bar, loading icons and many, many extras. And yes, that is a moving Mario embedded in the xmb wave

UPDATE: Re-uploaded with 4.05 visualizers.
If you want to make the xmb wave visible, go into theme settings>background>original in xmb. then set the color to the one with the background built into it.

Download Ultimate Mario XMB for 4.01 M33:

Download Ultimate Mario-401m33 (CTF)

Download Ultimate Mario-401m33 (Flash0)

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