September 20, 2008

Final Fantasy 9 Battle Menu theme for 4.01 (CTF)

Final Fantasy 9 Battle Menu Theme

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Final Fantasy 9 Battle Menu for 4.01 Created by Dliug. use this theme with cxmb 3.2.x

Final fantasy 9 PSP themes Features -- custom intro, gameboot, visualizer, icons,
menu bar, battery, osk, clicksounds.

Dliug :

Here is a Final Fantasy 9 theme which I have sort of based on the
battle menu layout in game. All the menu & battery graphics had
to be created from scratch (excluding the pointer).

The ATB meter shows the psp battery level.

Gameboot is from the first disc cutscene, took ages to find any
ff9 hd clip but that was the only one I could find for the gameboot.

Credits goes to :

zinga burga (rco program)
red squirrel (ctf compiler)
vegetano (osk rco)
xander (ctf downloader prxs)
spriter (ff clicksounds)
and anyone else I forgot to mention!

Next version might be released if there are any fixes
or new things added or if the layout gets changed.

Download Final Fantasy 9 Battle Menu PSP theme :

Download here

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any chance of making a FFVII ctf theme?

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