September 17, 2008

Unreal Tournament 3 (4.05 visualizers)

Unreal Tournament 3 4.01 -4.05 visualizers-

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Unreal Tournament psp themes created by NeoCorpse.

NeoCorpse says :

FIRMWARE: 4.01 with 4.05 visualizers (hopefully)

CREDITS: mudbone and my friend dragon for testing the WIP.
osnap and Nicodemus for trying to help with rco compression. I still couldn't get it to work but thank you guys

INFO: This is loosely, (and I do mean based on one of my favorite take no prisoners splat-tastic first person shooters Unreal Tournament 3.

I mentioned hopefully concerning the 4.05 vis because I can't remember if I made sure to include them or not. Since I don't have 4.05 vis on my psp I have no way to test it. I didn't skin or edit them at all so if someone feels like it go for it. Same goes for the osk. Since I have no way to compress it, I didn't bother.

CUSTOMIZED: Well, as usual I customized as much as I could. I included custom coldboot w/sound, custom clicks, and custom short gameboot. The gameboot may seem to stop rather abruptly, but it's not due to the delay, rather that's how the actual video clip ends.

FINAL: The rar file contains both ctf and flash0 themes.One last thing to note. Since I used the battery image as the "dock" it will slightly obscure one or two of the osk buttons on the far left. If there's a way to make it move out of the way in osk let me know and I'll edit and re-upload. It's not terribly horrible, I just thought I'd make sure to mention it. As always, please take caution when flashing themes, and have 100% fun and enjoy it.

Download Unreal Tournament 3 4.01 (4.05 visualizers) :

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