September 12, 2008

PSP Filer 5.5 Released

Mediumgauge returned with two of five in it PSP Filer v5.5.

psp filer

And if you do not know… Mediumgauge PSP filer can be simply task. Managing both directories and files in your memory and UMD flash0/flash1. Moreover, the benefits of an integrated tool that allows you to rip UMDs directly in your memory, display images, text and binary files, listen to WAV/MP3 files, and pleasure does not stop there. PSP filer available in several languages - see appropriate "README. Txt" for further information.

PSP Filer v5.5 changes:


* fixed a bug that time stamp of folders in zipfile was corrupted.
* changed a feature to close window when copying done. before: pushing cross to close it. now: pushing either circle or cross to close it.
* changed a feature pushing right arrow: before: mark all files in folder. now: mark/unmark all files in folder.
* removed a feature pushing left arrow, to unmark all files in folder.
* added a feature to move to parent folder by pushing left arrow + circle.
* added a feature to save this folder to default (this folder appears in next startup) by pushing left arrow + START.
* added a feature to move to default folder by pushing left arrow + triangle.
* added a feature to restore opened folders in archive files after copying/deleting files. (note: restoring feature is slow: you have to wait a lot if you open many archive files before copying/deleting)

Picture viewer:

* made smooth to enlarge/shrink picture.
* fixed a bug that a picture was blinked when background-reading was done.
* fixed a bug that a picture was blinked when pushing analog pad on the edge of the picture.
* increased to read JPEG file faster (about 40% faster than before).

Download PSP Filer v5.5

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