November 12, 2008

MEGA ANIME PSP theme for 5.00M33 (CTF)

MEGA ANIME PSP themes for 5.00M33 Created by Vegetano1 & Dliug.

Original posted by Dliug :

Bringing you a brand new experience in PSP XMB! Here is a theme that I spent ages putting together along with the one and only vegetano1. We have spent countless hours testing, tweaking and fixing it! Get ready to experience V1's new photo filter effect and a fresh main-menu and guess what!?

I decided to include 30 High-Res wallpapers into the 01-12.bmp!!! oh yes.. not 12 but 30!!
This theme is called mega anime cause it doesnt just focus on one anime! it focuses on various animes,

Heck we even threw in a Batman Gotham Knight HD Gameboot taken from the 2008 anime movie! So what ya waiting for? Check it out!!

Note: selecting system>>theme>>color >> you have to double select a background
Note: selecting system>>theme>>Background >> you have to double select Classic or Original
Note: "Reboot/Power Off" press for Reboot, hold right trigger and press for power off
Note: go to settings and system and then scroll down to mega anime slideshow

Features :

-Main icon, volume bar, sound settings and AVLS in 1 MAIN icon
-"Tinted" meaning a different photo filter effect for each menu
(works with 01-12 and with normal backgrounds)
-all custom submenu icons/folders
-new top bar icons! music. video, helpscreen etc etc
-custom OSK
-Custom battery
-revised music player menu
-All network and PSN options custom menu's and icons
-All control panels custom,.>> Photo, Photo slideshow, music, video, UMD video, camera
-New/revised game icon and loading/broken/unknown/default icons
-New inverted full screen busy icon
-01-12.bmp 30 monthly backgrounds 400x227 resolution!! Scroll down to see how to install
-loads of small adjustments and icons,. theme is 100%
-custom visualizers

Theme Installation :

This CTF requires CXMB 3.3 to work.
grab it from PSPspys and
read its readme, copy contents to memorystick and enable CXMB3.3 plugin in recovery
go to settings -> themes -> select the theme to install.

Download MEGA ANIME PSP themes :

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Anonymous said...

how do i change the game boot

Anonymous said...

how did you make a highres 13-27bmp?
or how did you made the 01-12.bmp have 30 highres backgrounds PS I have a highress vshmain.prx but i want to have 30 highress backgrounds not 12 so please please tel me

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