December 07, 2008

Batman Remix Psp themes for 5.00

Free batman remix psp themes

Batman Remix Psp themes for 5.00 firmware created by Dliug.


- Custom Main menu
- Custom Battery
- Custom loading icons for all sub menus
- Custom Visualizer with custom thumbs
- Custom OSK
- Custom Infobars
- Custom Gameboot
- Custom Intro
- Custom USB
- Multi-Language
- Smooth Scrolling
- and much more!

To view the 30 wallpapers you either need a Slim PSP or if you have a Phat then you need to install the Slim Colors Patch (included in this zip) if you are on a phat and do not install this then you will only get 12 wallpapers.

To select one of the 30 wallpapers go to Settings -> Theme Settings, then click on "Background" and make sure it is set to "Original" then go to "Color" and scroll through the various wallpapers. If you see a blank white background then you double select it and it will display fine. enjoy !!

Download free psp themes Batman Remix for 5.00 :

Download File

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