January 06, 2009

God of War psp Themes for 5.00 m33

God of War psp Theme for 5.00 m33 created by osnap1584. Use CTF Manager to extract the CTF for the Flash0 files.

Download free God of War psp Theme for 5.00 m33:

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Anonymous said...

como e ke se põe isto pff me digan
!xau bgd!

Anonymous said...

the real gem is the idea being thrown out there of a REAL GoW XMB that is on par with first click and the lot of the professional looking CTFs. Instead of a few photoshopped screen caps of a game (no offense to osnap1584 he at least made something unlike me), someone who knows what they're doing will make a completely animated version emulating the GoW spinning chain menu complete with sound and all that. I wish I knew how to do this shiz, id make a sic NCIS theme... it would need successive, not reactive, menu clicks programmed in to play the theme song over the course of your menu selections. So no matter if you were moving, selecting, canceling - whatever - it would play the next note in the program, not one programmed solely for what you just did. Understand? Is that possible? Help me Jebus

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