February 21, 2009

Project Glass psp themes for 5.00m33

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Project Glass psp themes for 5.00m33 created by ©Ω!Ñ$@Ñ£_-_$¥Ñ¥$Ŧ£ŘΩ©.

Notes: there are a few bugs in this theme like the battery icon anoying some icons and osk buttons.the two lines are the battery incase you dont know and the cool part is that the icons have this cool closing effect similar to vista so go ahead and download to feel the cool glass feel.
The theme consists of custom: icons, osk(from the original white theme),opening logo,sounds,battery,and many more.

Credits: do to XanderChaos,MuteVict1m,osnap1584,schmilk,zingaburg a,and last but not least Dark-Alex...(if i forgot someone please let me know i have crappy memory)

Download Project Glass psp themes for 5.00m33:

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