April 15, 2009

Ultimate PSPTube 2.0: HighMemoryMod for faster loading

This mod comes from Ardatan. It's a mod of JK108's Ultimate PSPTube mod, which is, in turn, a mod of SofiyaCat's PSPTube. Ardatan's mod is based off of JK108's v2.0, and this one makes Ultimate PSPTube load faster by allocating/unlocking more memory for it - sort of like what the Netfront Internet Browser does.

From I-am-nobody, who took the liberty of posting it on qj forum:

Ardatan has released a mod of PSPtube that loads much faster

This mod increases the memory which PSPTube uses..So PSPTube runs faster.

Copy all files in it to PSP/GAME and run PSPTube - HighMem..

Meanwhile, virx216 in the qj forums appends some notes for a useful mod to this mod of a mod.

psp homebrews

I've came up with this simple fix to hide the unused PSPTube icon from xmb, just open the HighMemMod eboot with a hex-editor... find and hex-edit the (two) text strings in his eboot from this: "ms0:/PSP/GAME/PSPTube/EBOOT.PBP"

to something like this: "ms0:/PSP/GAME/HMM/UPT/EBOOT.PBP" (or you can change the UPT or HMM to any 3 digit folder name)

Then rename the PSPTube folder to UPT (or the name you chose) and move it into ardatan's HighMemMod folder (and rename that to HMM)

Download ultimatepsptube_v2.0HighMemory

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