March 05, 2013

Lululemon Versus Calvin Klein

Lululemon, the Canadian brand filed lawsuit in Delaware, charging Calvin Klein and their producer G-III Apparel of encroaching on several patents on outlines of Lululemon's “Astro” pants, as per the Chicago Tribune.

Lululemon has several outline patents that blanket the Astro style: one on the real waistband itself, the other two for two particular styles of the gasp. A configuration patent is diverse from your run of the mill patent, elsewise regarded as an “utility” patent, in that it blankets “ornamental” plan as opposed to practical outline.

The issue with a design patent is that they take so long to get and are so exorbitant that they are ordinarily not worth following, yet the Astro pant is a great competitor, as Lululemon processes them in various styles over different seasons. So why has the brand patented what appears to be an honestly effortless plan idea, and why are they suing? It all descends to brand assurance and PR.

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