April 10, 2008

New-SideScape PSP Themes [CTF]

free psp theme

This SideScape 3.90 M33 made by Dracrius and it consists of:

** The obvious icons
** Custom Font
** A custom Gameboot and intro
** An osk (not made by me but I prefer it to the original)
** Custom infobar(the thing at the top when in usb etc)
** Custom optionmenu Back
** Go!Messenger in all regions
** Web Shortcut in place of Manual
** Homebrew Shortcut in place of Gameshare(netplay_client_plugin.prx)
** Optional PSPRadio Shortcut instead of psp's radio
** Included is two CTF versions one with Gameboot and Intro and one without

Collect this realese themes for your psp..

Follow link below to Download SideScape PSP Theme :

** Download SideScape Themes 3.90 M33

** Download SideScape wallpaper

view more custom themes??

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lil dre said...

This is the greatest free psp theme site i have ever visited keep this shit up and you'll be most recognised site ever!!!!!!

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