April 14, 2008

Release Today Crysis PSP themes [XMB]

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Crysis psp themes
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Crysis PSP themes released today on consolespot.net/forums by hellbuster as the creator.

Here the theme:

Download Includes Both CTF and Flash0

Note: If you having some trouble using this PSP theme please write in the forum so others will know too.

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11 komentar:

Cute Anna said...

This is awesome.
I like this clean themes very much.

Very good artwork !

Cranky97 said...

Every time i put the theme into my psp folder it doesn't appear on my psp can someone help?

Anonymous said...

i can apply the theme.
when i try it goes to the original theme.
can you tell me why that is happening??

psp games said...

Are there more themes like these for psp?

Anonymous said...

how can i put it on my psp

Anonymous said...

um ya how do you get it to work because im having some trouble

Anonymous said...

does it work for 5.00m33?

Anonymous said...

No it does,nt

Anonymous said...

does it work for the regular version 5.01?

Anonymous said...

What files r u supposed to put where?

Anonymous said...

is this a homebrew theme

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