July 31, 2008

PSP theme IV for 4.01 m33

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PSP theme IV for 4.01 m33 created by Mr. Shizzy

Mr. Shizzy :


- ctf downloader (Thanks to xander)
-custom icons
- custom bg
- 405 music visualizers
- Custom Recovery menu
- custom vsh menu
- custom font
- colored font (black)
- custom coldboot sound
- custom coldboot logo
- custom volume bar
- custom gameboot
- custom game load icons
- custom photo_browser
- hacked option bar colors
- Many, many extra's....

I hope everybody enjoys this, as i have put much work into it.
I have uploaded the theme in .CTF format, it is of course for 4.01

BTW - the theme looks sharper than the poor quality preview :D

Download IV for 4.01 m33

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Ledski said...

Awesome! One of the best themes ever.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

wow, testing 123

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