July 31, 2008

Featherly PSP Themes 4.01 m33-2 (CTF)

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Featherly PSP Themes(CTF) Created by mutevict1m. Featherly psp theme compatible for 4.01 m33 psp firmware.

Screen shoot :

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mutevict1m :

This theme is a bit high on resources so words might start disappearing...other than that I think its good. Please tell me if you find any bugs or anything.


CTF Download
4.05 Visualizer
custom visualizer
custom battery (birds on top right corner...
as your battery goes down birds start dissapearing....MAGIC!)
...and i dont want to name the rest you'll have to try out this great theme

Download Featherly CTF.rar

Download Featherly Flash0.rar

Download wallpapers.rar

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