July 26, 2008

XBOX360 Psp theme for 4.01 firmware

XBOX360 Psp theme

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XBOX360 Psp theme for 4.01 firmware converted by King.

Download XBOX360 Psp theme Ctf

Download XBOX360 Psp theme Flash0

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Anonymous said...

fukin slow

Anonymous said...

IS it that hard ot find a freaking sonic theme!?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

how the hell do you put this on your psp. it doesn't even work.

Anonymous said...

make shure you have a firmware to load ctf if it is not ctf then personally on mine hold down select and off it will freeze and then it will turn off after 15 seconds after that hold down the R button and turn on then release after maneger mode then plugins then disable the file and exit

nonya said...


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