September 07, 2008

ODYC PSP theme (CTF)

ODYC (Odyssey) PSP themes

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ODYC (Odyssey) PSP themes for 4.01m33 created by Dliug.

Had been capsizing with several scrolling settings and ended up with this one. Use CTF with cxmb 3.2.x .

Thanks & Credit goes to :

Dliug (PSP Themes Creator)
alienware site (wallpaper)
vegetano1 (testing+osk)
inacor (some loading icons)
assyrianpimp (battery idea)
xander (ctf downloader)
zinga burga (rco program)
red squirrel (ctf program)

Download ODYC (Odyssey) PSP themes

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Anonymous said...

hey can any1 make the same theme in ctf 4.01m33 but without the gameboot kinda cheesey:)

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