September 10, 2008

Spiderman 3 PSP Theme (CTF)

Spiderman 3 theme for 4.01 m33

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Spiderman 3 PSP Theme created by osnap1584.

Original posted by osnap1584 at consolespot:

This theme has custom icons, volume bar(something I haven't done before), battery bar, osk, gameboot, boot and click sounds, loading icons, wave, 4.05 visualizers, ctf download and more...

Credits go to me for creating this theme and the one who created the Spiderman 3 Windows Blinds theme.

Thanks to Schmilk, Vegetano1(also thanks for the busy icon), and Robs1968 aka Oyabun for offsets, XanderChaos for the CTF Download, ZingaBurga for rcoeditor, Z33 for Resurssiklunssi, and Matchung for his prx compressor.

Here is the download link for Spiderman 3 PSP Theme :

Download CTF

Download Flash0

Download wallpapers

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