February 07, 2009

CrysisBattlev1 and CrysisBattlev2 psp themes

CrysisBattlev1 & CrysisBattlev2 psp themes for 5.00m33 created by volumexxx.

A theme that his create based on the game Crysis
the interface in this theme was pretty much the same as in the game..maybe a little bit flaw in it.by the way there are two version of it..one the pie menu when you choose the speed.strength..etc.and the other one was the orb..Wallpaper pack are included.pretty nice with the theme.

thanks to hellbuster creator of crysis theme back in 4.01 for the clicksounds and gameboot

thanks to osnap1584 for the tips..

Download CrysisBattlev1 and CrysisBattlev2 psp themes:

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Anonymous said...

hi man! can u tell where to put a fully modified theme with cintro and gameboots and all? is it in psp/theme/paste?

Anonymous said...

woooow cooll themes, thanks for provide this theme for me

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