October 01, 2008

ACOS Psp theme (CTF)

ACOS Psp theme (CTF)

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ACOS psp theme for 4.01m33 firmware Made by Dliug. Use this theme CTF with cxmb 3.2.x.

Dliug have moved game saves, game sharing and camera to system section.
Took ages cause of playing around with those damn hex edits,
but now you can just press X for video, music, etc.
Also He have tried to make this theme work with multiple languages.

This Psp themes Includes custom 4.05 visualizers and gameboot. Used normal loading icons since they matched and didn't have time for new ones, also OSK is default one, will do new one next time.

Thanks to zingaburga & redsquirrel for their theme creation tools
xander for ctf downloader and the person who made that linkin park font. Also Dliug for creating this Great theme.

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Download ACOS Psp theme 4.01 :

Download Link

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